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13 Facts About The Flu Shot Everyone Should Know


The flu shot can actually save lives and lessen the strain on hospitals.

Although for most getting the flu is inconvenient and annoying, it can actually be deadly. According to estimates from the CDC, since 2010 there have been between at least 140,000 flu-related hospitalizations and a minimum of 12,000 flu-related deaths but these figures are actually much higher.

Deaths related to the flu can either be caused by the flu itself, as it can overwhelm the lungs and lead to viral pneumonia, or it can lower your immune system and allow for the development of bacterial pneumonia that can kill you. Those who are at the greatest risk of developing flu-related include the elderly, pregnant women, children, and people with asthma and diabetes. However, even “healthy” adults can die from the flu. If you don’t believe us, look up the influenza pandemic of 1918.