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Understanding The Signs And Symptoms Of Asperger’s Syndrome


Asperger’s syndrome is a mild form of autism spectrum disorder (ASD). The syndrome is not accompanied by extreme mental disabilities. Some of the most notable outward characteristics of persons with the syndrome include clumsiness, poor social skills and lack of nonverbal communication.

Unlike other forms of autism, brain imaging doesn’t show common pathology between Asperger’s sufferers. The syndrome is believed to be hereditary since it affects many people in a family at a time. However, the syndrome has not been linked to any genes.

Besides genetics, Asperger’s syndrome may be caused by exposure to some chemicals and medication (while in utero). This cause is believed to be responsible for a small percentage of Asperger syndrome cases. There are other theories on how a person can get Asperger’s, but there is no concrete proof yet. There are countless studies from scientists globally trying to find the causes and treatment for this syndrome. Below are 10 classic symptoms.

Social Awkwardness

There is a common misconception that Asperger’s syndrome sufferers are not passionate. They are usually described as “active but odd” by medical professionals. Sufferers can be socially active forming close friendships. Some may try surrounding themselves with people making a lot of close acquaintances in the process but little to no deep friendships. This is usually dictated by how well a person empathizes with others. Some sufferers may fail to show any outward signs of Asperger’s at all.