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Tips For Reducing Sciatic Nerve Pain


If you have sciatica, you will be completely unable to ignore the pain associated with this condition. Sciatica causes intense discomfort that many people describe as shooting, biting, or pinching sensations. All of these unpleasant symptoms are due to the sciatic nerve. This important part of the nervous system stretches along the entire length of the buttocks and legs. Therefore, much of the unpleasant sensations occur in the lower back, buttocks, and legs.

Sciatica occurs whenever the nerves in the region get inflamed. It is often caused by an injury, like a slipped disc, that pinches the area. Other causes include extra pressure on the area due to pregnancy or bad posture that puts the area into an uncomfortable position.

People who have sciatica often find the condition to be very debilitating, so they may struggle to function normally, sleep easily, and remain active. However, you do not have to be stuck with horrible discomfort if you are diagnosed with sciatica. There are several helpful treatments that can reduce pain or decrease inflammation.

Try out these 15 great tips to relieve discomfort from sciatica!


Many people with sciatica get tense muscles in the backs of the legs and the buttocks, and all the tightly knotted muscles just make the discomfort worse. For those with this issue, massage can be a very effective method. A gentle massage of the area helps to loosen up the muscles, and it can even assist with nerve inflammation.

Massage reduces inflammation by boosting blood circulation. When a person is massaged, blood rushes to the area, bringing plenty of oxygen and nutrients and taking away toxins. You can get the benefits of massage by gently rubbing the area yourself, or you can visit a physical therapist trained in massage for sciatica.

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