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Common Symptoms of Tuberculosis


Tuberculosis is an infection caused by airborne bacteria that is inhaled and affects the lungs once active. The bacteria is called Mycobacterium tuberculosis, or M. tuberculosis. Once, tuberculosis was a rampant disease throughout the world, but advancements in medical treatments, as well as quarantining those who had be exposed to TB, has helped to greatly reduce the number of cases that arise each year. Yet, tuberculosis continues to be prevalent throughout the world. Each year, there are about 9,000 people who are diagnosed with tuberculosis.

If you have a compromised immune system, work in healthcare, or have traveled to a country recently where tuberculosis continues to plague the masses, then you should consider getting tested. Do not wait to seek medical care if you have developed the following symptoms of tuberculosis:

Persistent Coughing

Anyone who knows about TB knows that coughing is one of the main symptoms, even though it is not exclusive to the infection. In order for persistent coughing to become suspicious, you must have had the cough for more than 3 weeks. You may also be expelling phlegm from the lungs. An unshakable cough that partners with other signs on this list should send you to the physician to get an evaluation.