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Common Causes of Hip Pain



Bursitis is the inflammation of tiny fluid-filled sacs called bursae in the body that cushion bones, muscles, and tendons near joints and also reduce frictional forces. Bursae are found near the shoulders, knees, ankles, elbows, and hips. When a joint is overused or receives direct trauma, the bursae can become irritated and inflamed, leading to bursitis, the most common cause of hip pain.

In the hip, the two major bursae that are affected include the one near the great trochanter, or the bony curve of the hip, and the other is the iliopsoas bursa, on the inside of the hip joint. Trochanteric bursitis results in lateral hip pain. Ilipsoas bursitis, on the other hand, is characterized by groin or anterior hip pain. Sometimes, snapping, catching, or popping sensations can also be felt.