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13 Reasons For A Persistent Cough


Do you have a persistent cough that is keeping your chest tight, causing a lot of mucus buildup and keeping you up all night?

A flu virus, seasonal allergy or serious bronchial infection are among the most common causes of nagging coughs. However, coughs can also be caused by more severe underlying conditions like asthma. Regardless of your reason for coughing, coughs are typical body reflexes in response to foreign material/s that may be blocking your lungs or upper airway passages. So, here’s a critical question; how do you distinguish coughs? To answer this question, let’s explore the main underlying causes/health conditions responsible for causing coughs.

Heart failure

Coughing and heart failure may seem unrelated; however, coughing is in fact among the common signs of heart failure. Coughs related to heart failure are caused by a weakening heart that allows accumulation of fluid in the lungs. As a result, the coughs are usually accompanied by thin frothy sputum. The coughs can also be dry. According to Harvard Medical School research, this kind of a cough worsens when a person is sleeping or lying flat. To control heart failure-related coughs, it is important to sleep propped up (using 3 to 4 pillows).

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