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Symptoms of Kidney Stones


Spreading Pain in the Back

Pain produced by kidney stones is known as “renal colic,” and is one of the worst pains you could fathom. People often compare kidney stone pain to childbirth or stab wounds. However, it doesn’t always start off that way. At first, you might experience a dull pain in the early stage that begins the back and sides, just below the last rib, where the kidneys are found.

As the stones progress, the pain will start traveling into the lower abdomen and towards the groin and lower back. At this point, the pain will throb and the affected areas will be tender to the touch. The throbbing, or waves of pain, are sometimes made worse by the ureters contracting in an attempt to push the stone out.

Men will often complain about pain in the scrotum or testicles when they have a kidney stone. The painful throbbing can last anywhere between a few minutes to hours before disappearing and restarting later.