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Symptoms Of An Ear Infection


Ear infections are widespread. Recent studies indicate that 60% of head colds become ear infections, particularly among toddlers and babies. However, it can be a challenge trying to identify an ear infection in a baby or even yourself if you don’t know which symptoms to look out for. So, here are the 10 most common signs/symptoms of an ear infection.


Irritability is a very common sign of ear infection. The source of this symptom can be traced to other symptoms like stubborn headaches and pain. Irritability is usually exhibited at particular moments, i.e., when you eat or drink. This is usually the case since eating and drinking exerts some pressure and motion generated from the chewing and swallowing action. This, in turn, increases the intensity of pain in the affected area. Irritability can also be caused by itchiness which is another common sign of an ear infection.

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