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Risk Factors and Symptoms of Borderline Personality Disorder


Symptoms of BPD

Fear of Abandonment

Individuals suffering from borderline personality disorder have overwhelmingly strong fears of being left alone or separated from those they care about. They may come to believe that they have been abandoned by people when that is certainly not the case.

Since the fear of separation and anxiety is so strong, people with BPD will often display certain behaviors to try a keep those they care about with them. This may be begging for someone to stay, clinginess, starting arguments, overt jealousy, or even physically blocking someone from leaving. Another example is calling on the phone and asking repeatedly if the relationship is okay.

Sadly, such actions are a double-edged sword. While the person suffering from BPD may be seeking reassurance and that everything is safe, the other individual is being pushed away. This form of self-sabotage is bound to repeat in all kinds of relationships, which will be discussed later.